Marcus Smart suspended three games for shoving Texas Tech fan

Marcus Smart suspended 3 games for shoving tx Tech fan
ok State All-American Marcus wise will be suspended for the Cowboys' next three games because punishment for shoving a fan during Saturday' s reduction at Texas Tech, a source confirmed to CBSSports. com upon Sunday. ESPN. com is also reporting the …
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6 Games to Fill the Flappy Bird-Sized Hole in Your Heart
After creator jingle Nguyen pulled his strange, addictive game from the App Store dramatically this weekend, some are resulting to drastic measures to get their fix. But the cellular game world is a huge sea of opportunity, and there are plenty of games to…
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Criticism associated with Games reflects " chilly War" mentality: Putin
The excitement did not quit Putin, who has staked his personal and political prestige on a successful Games, from taking a swipe at his detractors, suggesting he was still smarting from criticism he usually maintained was unfair. " Back in Cold War occasions…
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strike Lines Over Punches
The greatest video game comedy is almost certainly Portal 2, the 2011 first-person puzzler that will stars Stephen Merchant. It' s not “funny for a game. ” It competes with the best comedic work in any kind of medium. Portal 2 is not a game that turns a person into a comedian.
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