Collapsenet Lunatics Ignoring Hemp Fuel making USA Energy Independent

Don’t let my videos become evidence of the lack of co-operation to make America Energy Independent. Hemp fuel is a perfect solution for people wanting to get… Does Alex Jones want America dependent on big corporations and the globalists? Why isn’t Alex Jones trying to end cannabis prohibit…

20 thoughts on “Collapsenet Lunatics Ignoring Hemp Fuel making USA Energy Independent

  1. cannabis GROWS LIKE A WEED, I smoke weed heals my asthma caused by poison
    energy hemp fuel makes obsolete. Cannabis sativa is one type that grows
    more slim and tall, while indica grows shorter and fat. New strains have
    been bred by having males from indica cross breed with sativa so some other
    plants grow tall and fat. So much variety and there are so many disinfo
    agents who will do anything and everything to ignore hemp fuel and not do a
    proper investigation: WAKE UP, GROW IT YOURSELF

  2. what a bunch of mental nutcases who refuse to investigate hemp fuel and
    attack the messenger instead. what an ignorant world, people claiming to
    research and think critically ARE NOT THINKING they have been fed so much
    disinfo they think the truth is disinfo and the disinfo is truth. backwards
    world keeping the blood for oil flowing and every year real activists like
    me are highly censored JUST TRYING to share truth about hemp fuel, WHY SO

  3. This is another video exposing Barack Obama as Fraud why is alt media and
    barack Obama traumatizing Americans about collapse so they live in fear so
    they wont think critically (fear bypasses logic!) are people this sound
    asleep? Barack Obama turned his back against Renewable Energy and Cheap
    Living I used to follow ruppert and believe
    in peak oil until I discovered hemp fuel and got censored big time trying
    to educate others at peak oil websites like the oil drum

  4. no offense, you sound like you are deceived by or, a fear mongering disinfo
    agent working for big oil/poison industry. droughts and floods…lol don’t
    you understand simple science why droughts happen? cannabis plants BREATHE
    in co2, creating oxygen and ozone which create MOISTURE in the atmosphere
    so there is rain and not droughts. cannabis/hemp plants repair damaged soil
    more than enough land for food and fuel. people suffer and die from poison
    cancer causing energy hemp makes obsolete

  5. I used to follow alternative media until I got mass censorship. I have
    sources and links for everyone to do research. mainstream cannabis
    documentaries have over 500,000 views while Antimatter: The Future is Now
    has less than 6000. full version was censored by youtube and when I
    uploaded in parts I got false claims I disputed them and won, before i
    couldn’t change the video to creative commons and after i won the dispute i
    could. i cant upload videos longer than 15 minutes anymore alex jones can

  6. Corn is subsidized, and hemp is prohibited. “Make the most you can of the
    Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” – George Washington

  7. “even if it were legal. The police would probably still crack your skull
    over it.” you are so brainwashed to have said that. that is pure fear
    mongering. Legalization is the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry
    via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and
    over-control) We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our
    prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana
    was unconstitutional from its inception. Other laws get repealed

  8. I wish I was growing. I am sick and tired of paying high prices for weed. I
    wish I had money I would get seeds and grow outdoors make clones plant them
    everywhere, the less $ you have the harder it is. Other laws get repealed
    and the cannabis laws dont if only people knew the truth everyone could
    grow. I live at my mothers I cant grow here, bad experience with the police
    who stole my only gram of weed and my seeds which are legal to buy. one cop
    got loud and didnt like me defending my rights

  9. The law is NOT EVEN CONSTITUTIONAL decriminalization wont solve the
    problems. Alex Jones always says he talks about marijuana but he doesn’t
    where is evidence? Proof? There is limited evidence and he downplays the
    issue! He does not connect the dots like I do with cancer alex jones has
    been spreading DISINFO just like this video which provides evidence How in
    the fuck can obama get away with keeping his followers brainwashed by
    telling them he reduced americas dependence on foreign oil a little

  10. Part 1: I myself believe that MJ is Gods medicine. I also believe that the
    government should legalize it again. That kind of change can only occur
    after we restore the republic using the constitution and rule of law. If
    you follow what Alex is doing all the time, you will see that he is
    fighting this information war on many different fronts at the same time.

  11. Low THC hemp plants produce less seed and ethanol per acre compared to
    other strains. Some strains mature in less than 120 days! This video Might
    become evidence of the lack of cooperation in the so called alternative
    media, and the research community. Time will tell. I live in canada, I am
    tired of having to buy the corporate hemp seeds that are expensive in my
    opinion they could be so cheap but legalized hemp production monopolized it
    I cant grow a plant safer than water=i cant grow MY FOOD

  12. Elitism (thinking you are better than somebody, or more important) has
    infiltrated the alternative media. thanks to mass mind control, mass
    propaganda being promoted by top propagandists who are treated like gods
    their videos get the most views confusing the most people ignoring real
    issues (its what the elite want) bought and paid for, the elite are making
    profit from the preparedness products being sold throughout alternative
    media, this whole time hemp would make most of that stuff USELESS

  13. we could drill a trillion dollars per barrell here in the US. then the
    saudis, etc will cut back production to offset the difference. drill baby
    drill won’t work until we get out of opec. opec is the big elephant in the
    room that no one ever talks about.

  14. Thank goodness you see the light who in their right minds wants to
    over-tax, over-regulate and over-control a plant safer than water. Canada
    is proof legalized hemp production scares farmers from growing it its so
    messed up and frustrating. Strains of cannabis with THC produce more seed
    and ethanol per acre, wood pellets are popular HEMP PELLETS are superior no
    more cutting down trees this is messed up people are preparing for collapse
    to cut down trees when hemp solves everything.

  15. Not in the scale and time frame they would need to be and oh yeah, what
    about where we are going to grow it all? and oh yeah, what about all the
    droughts and floods that will interfere and oh yeah

  16. Legalization is the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via
    government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)
    The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception.
    We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to
    control and regulate it. A full repeal occurs where the entire Act is
    repealed because the law is doing more harm than the reasoning for the law
    THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ENDED DECADES AGO except AJ got the attention

  17. Corn for fuel uses lots of pesticides and energy to create when hemp
    harvests MUCH MORE uses no pesticides no herbicides NO CHEMICALS cannabis
    (hemp) is it own fertilizer, compost. Hemp is energy EFFICIENT. Hemp
    plastic is stronger than STEEL. I planted 8 weed plants outdoors last year
    NONE THIS YEAR NO MONEY and last year the rabbits ate them all because they
    were short because the weed plants are the best source of food on earth who
    could resist? only someone insane ignoring a miracle plant

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