Self Hypnosis help for depression, anxiety and sadness – Female Voice Free hypnosis audio recording to assist with finding relief when one is struggling with depression and sadness. Recorded by Ke…
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23 thoughts on “Self Hypnosis help for depression, anxiety and sadness – Female Voice

  1. I came out from this spiritual trip giggling & leaning against this table,
    Columbo circa the 1970’s on tele just added to my bliss of fun. I
    envisioned imagery from 70’s Sci-Fi shows, even the image on the screen &
    music reminds me of my favourite Sci-Fi show via the 70’s. I envisioned
    that trapdoor as the upside down triangle in my forehead that represents
    Anxiety/Depression/darkness. I’m not naïve to think that I’m out of the
    woods yet, but this experience has convinced me to get some Hypnotherapy, &
    I’ll definitely come back to this sanctuary, in the stars. I’ll get my

  2. I really like this recording. I love the fact that there is a room that
    makes me happy and that I can envision this room whenever I feel stressed
    and I would like to intensify this if possible. I do get a little lost
    though when it gets to the point of the trap door in the head. For some
    reason I see it a little morbid, the black water could be thick blood. I
    also have trouble envisioning putting the anxieties and depression in the
    sink. Do I see it as some kind of orb that I remove and do I need to
    somehow label what it is? If you have a similar video without the trapdoor
    in the head I would love to give it a try. Thank you very much for your
    time and thank you so much for this video.

  3. I have lost something very important to me,by best friend. She left me and
    bullied me and messed with my emotions. I acted okay but really im not.
    This changed everything:)

  4. This video cleared my mind and gave me new strength’s. I feel refreshed,
    protected and Happy 🙂 after a long time depressed and irregular sleeping
    patterns. Many Thanks 🙂 <3.

  5. I sat here cutting crying I found ur video it to the anger away it calmed
    and cleared me thank u….thank u so much

  6. Well I am very glad you slept like a baby and this video helped. It makes
    me smile. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  7. I was slowely losing hope, I had so much darkness in my mind.I found this
    and I feel different now, I’m at peace again, thank you.

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