Green Beauty Products Herbal Hot Oil Treatment – Instructions

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36 thoughts on “Green Beauty Products Herbal Hot Oil Treatment – Instructions

  1. is it Ok to use both leave-in condition and curl divines products, such
    gel, curls enhancement, & etc. at same time after the oil treatment or will
    it be better to use one or the other before styling? Thanks!

  2. Hello greenbeauty your channel is amazing and very professional. I
    currently use Tereesential mud clay on my hair and it has yielded awesome
    results. My question to you is about your leave in conditioner recipe and
    your creamy moisture. Does the leave in work well? Does the creamy
    moisturizer have enough water in it to be moisturizing for the hair? My
    daughter and I are both low porosity and I’m totally against anything with
    manmade chemicals in it so I don’t want to buy anything commercial.

  3. Its best to do it after you wash (on clean hair) so you don’t wash away all
    the nutrients you just deposited into your hair

  4. Yes the herbal hot oil treatment is safe to leave in your hair. Just keep
    in mind that a little goes a long way.

  5. This would work just as well with locs. The only difference is that you may
    have to strain the herbs out so they don’t get trapped in your locs.

  6. I have an important question, can i just do hot I’ll treatments and protein
    treatments without mixing it with conditioner? Like can I use this in my
    hair only as a deep conditioner? What exactly does store bought conditioner
    do for the hair? Why do you include it in deep conditioning instead of just
    using the oil and protein? I want to cut out purchasing conditioners from
    the store all together, thanks!

  7. I just used this last night. Thank you so much for an amazing product! I
    will be leaving a review on your website 🙂 Can’t wait to get your protein
    and tea tree oil also!

  8. Good question… For the hydrolyzed wheat protein, that must be mixed in
    with a condition. The condition acts as a carrier and prevents you from
    using to much then your hair can Handle. As far as for the herbal hot oil
    treatment you can defiantly use that by its self as a hot oil treatment and
    a deep conditioner.

  9. You Know You’re To Post To Wait About 20 Minutes For The Goo To Process If
    You’re Pouring The Whole Thing . C;

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